About Us


Welcome to Wilda Vivere, where fashion meets the untamed spirit within you. Our brand is a celebration of the harmonious blend between nature's wild essence and the modern urban lifestyle.


Our Philosophy:

At Wilda Vivere, we believe in the power of embracing individuality, the freedom to express your unique style, and the connection between personal growth and your fashion choices. The term "wild" in our name signifies not only the untamed elements of nature but also the untapped creativity and authenticity within each of us.


Modern Habits, Timeless Style:

Vivere translates to live, or living.

Intriguingly, “vivere” for us extends beyond mere existence; it embodies a way of life. Drawing inspiration from its essence, it encapsulates living authentically and embracing every moment fully. We merge this concept with our brand ethos, offering not just clothing but a lifestyle that celebrates individuality and vitality.


Sustainability at Our Core:

Wilda Vivere is committed to making a positive impact on the planet. We appreciate the earth's beauty and strive to incorporate sustainability into our practices. From the materials we choose to our commitment to responsible production, we aim to align fashion with a conscientious lifestyle.


Join the Wild Journey:

Whether you're passionate about nature, urban living, or simply expressing your wild side through fashion, Wilda Vivere invites you to be a part of our journey. Explore our collections that echo the essence of the wild, and redefine your habits with a touch of style.


Thank you for choosing Wilda Vivere — where every garment tells a story, and your style becomes a part of our shared narrative.

Embrace your wild side. Express your style. Join our journey.